Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some listed questions and answers. They could be of help to you

SmartBlare is an outgoing message service which lets you blast a pre-recorded message(s) to your selected calling list(s).

SmartBlare is a great way to notify, confirm and make announcements about meetings, appointments and upcoming events. Instead of calling your contact list one by one, SmartBlare allows you to send out that notice via telephone to your selected contacts all at the same time.

Its a convenient voice messaging system that allow you record a voice message(s) in any language you desire and send to any mobile phone number(s) immediately or at a scheduled day and time. You can start recording your voice message(s) right now by dialling 09-9990978 and follow the instructions.

A blast represents a single voice message which is blasted/sent to one selected number from your phone book.

Sign up for a SmartBlare account from the home page. Fill out the registration form and upload all the required documents. After verification, you will be notified if your account was approved or denied.

A message can be as long as you want.

Login to your account, you will need your username and password. Once in your account go to the Send Blast tab and follow the steps on that page. You will need your telephone to send out the blast.

After a blast has been sent out, you may view the status online from your account under the Blast History tab.

Send an email to services@smartblare.com from the email address you used to sign up with, asking for the account to be cancelled.